Where does SEO Stand in 2014?

Online marketers, especially Integrated SEO experts from around the world were in for a surprise with the latest announcement of the Google’s algorithm update—the hummingbird. In response to the changes, there are large speculations among small business owners and bloggers regarding the efficacy current SEO techniques.

So the big question—is SEO dead, seems to be looming large on the webmasters.

While the statement is partly true and also partly false for reasons clearly explained by many Search engine optimization experts, the relevancy of optimized content to search rankings and conversions still holds greater importance.

SEO is certainly dead for those who are still using the archaic techniques of aggressive link building that has no relevance with the money site. SEO is no more a game changer for small businesses that stuff up keywords in a blog with an expectation of figuring in the top list of search engines.

So what exactly are the factors that still restore the faith in optimization?

Here are few of the most important strategies that according to Matt Cutts of Google will help you keep up with the competition.

An impeccable website ready to be crawled

A website with a messy design and poor navigation can be a bane to small business owners who are expecting to get better ranking. A perfectly laid out blog that helps search engines to crawl the content will make things easier.

A blog that is perfectly SEO coded to perfection will go a long way and give a boost to search optimization efforts.

Other important factors like Meta descriptions, Title and H1, H2 tags also play a crucial role.

Long tail keywords is the new order of the day

Every one of us knows the importance of keywords. However, Search engines like Google always aim to deliver the most relevant search results for the users. The usage of long tail keywords is therefore a very important strategy to gain the maximum out of optimization.

Keywords examples like “best blogging” no longer hold much significance. What works in the current scenario is the usage of “best blogging service Tampa”.

Quality content wins the race

Blogs with average content or content that is only suitable for bots will do no good in improving the search rankings. Quality content that is highly informative will help in a great way.

The emphasis on quality is thereby the biggest trigger for any site to develop a better chance of gaining the right results.

5 Mistakes Small Business Make with SEO

If your business is not involved in search engine optimization, then you could have troubled times ahead. Having a strong SEO could help to increase the dividends of your company immensely. Here is a list of the 5 common mistakes which might be responsible for the low revenue of your company.

  1. Aggressive link building– The motto of the present day is quality over quantity. Therefore, having a single link which does the job right is much more beneficial than 10 which can be categorized as spam by the various search engines in no time at all. To improve your SEO forget about aggression think about quality control.
  2. Ignoring local search– If your business caters to a specific clientele from a limited geographical region, then it is a wise idea to cater to their needs first and foremost. Use key words which have acceptance at the local level than keywords which may be high sounding but not related to your area of business.
  3. Outsourcing SEO to your Web designer- a web designer whom you have hired is trained to do one and only one job to the best of his/ her abilities- to design a web page for your business. Delegating work related to Search Engine Optimization to the inexperienced in the business can spell a disaster for your company. Be wary in your judgment.
  4. Removing old information indiscriminately– often, while redesigning the web page, older contents which are liked to keywords are deleted by default. This can spell a disaster for your business if the keywords are not replaced adequately thereby causing problems for SEO. So, optimum amount of care should be taken while giving your web page that brand new look.
  5. Content effectiveness– Your SEO can give you back the most for your investment when the content you provide with it is accurate and trustworthy. Also, an attractive content has greater chances of being shared on the web than a sloppy piece of writing. Therefore, to make you search engine optimization work for you, have the best possible content for your business.

Avoiding these rookie mistakes can help to take your business to great heights by making it more accessible through the use of Search Engine Optimization which is the watchword for all businesses – big or small to cut a good bargain today.

SEO Tips that can Help your Business Grow

Most of the business owners in today’s world are focused on achieving faster results irrespective of the paths they choose. On the same lines, SEO techniques used by many online businesses are either ineffective or are often malicious to the firm’s reputation.  The use of the right tips and tricks of the trade can help businesses to prosper and establish a strong hold in terms of ranking, traffic to the site and maximum conversions.

Hummingbird, and more to come

The biggest search engine—Google, is always keen to remove spam sites in order to flush out content that is not suitable for human readability. It is therefore a wake-up call for customers to switch from the traditional SEO techniques and instead focus on building quality traffic.

Focusing on building quality content that search engines love is the key to successful online marketing. The latest algorithm update from Google—the hummingbird, is a perfect example of why keyword search is based on location, social connections and previous search history.

Blog about your niche

It is a known fact that blogs have a great say in terms of ranking on search engines. Updating the blog with useful content will ensure better SERP and an even better conversion rate. Connecting to the users through informative content will ensure a higher return rate which will helps a great deal in maintaining a regular stream of traffic.

Guest posting

Another effective technique of boosting site traffic and reputation online is through guest posting. Often times, popular websites such as Mashable, tech crunch and Yahoo allow a guest post to be published which is not only a great way to gain some quick traffic but also a perfect way to win some loyal followers online.

However, not everyone would be lucky enough. In such cases, eyeing for other less popular but emerging sites is also an option that should be given enough consideration.

Local SEO is the way forward for small and medium businesses to achieve higher growth rate. With the best practices put in place for online campaigns and optimization methods, businesses can achieve the right kind of results within no time.

Making use of all the channels that ensure traffic is also the key to remain on top of the search results on a consistent basis. Ensuring the website is mobile friendly is one of the key factors that are going to rule the roost in days to come. SEO agencies that use the latest techniques are the best to take your business to the next level.

Local SEO take your Business to the Next Level

Are you still looking for that magic wand that can get you eye popping traffic? Well, stop searching. For, there is no instant success formula that can guarantee you traffic lest you are a celebrity.

However, there are highly effective local Seo that can ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves from the users. Improved site traffic and a boost to the page rank is what most online marketers thrive upon in order to please their valued clients. The only difference between a highly successful online marketing campaign and a failed one is the right “APPROACH”.

A right approach that caters to the needs of your local business needs can bring out some of the best results. Local search results have always had a greater influence in the sales volumes of the business. Setting up a local marketing campaign therefore needs the support of a highly effective agency that makes use of the most updated and innovative optimization techniques.

Seo companies that know their trade will make sure that all relevant parameters that are needed for search engines like Google or Bing to list the business is taken care of. The use of Google places is of particular importance for local search optimization. Listing the business on Google plus, Google maps and local business directories will be of great advantage for businesses to take pole position in terms of ranking on search engines.

Finally, the often repeated preamble that is the key to a successful marketing campaign is the quality of the content that is found on the website. Search engines love high quality content and thereby the chances of optimizing the page for a better rank is also more in comparison to content that is not consumable for the reader.

Social media integration always plays a major role when it comes to local seo. Reputed seo companies make sure that the businesses get listed on all possible social media sites like Facebook, Digg and twitter.

Another great way that seo companies use to increase local seo output is to build quality links with popular websites within a particular geography. Geo-targeting in this manner would fetch the desired output that local businesses expect.

Local seo, when done in a perfect manner can result in great profits. Choosing the right seo company will help you to make use of the best tested strategies that can guarantee the best page rank and high traffic.