With the advent of the technological revolution, information has been brought to our fingertips through the world wide web. But, seldom have we stopped to wonder about the search engines, which cater to our information needs. What exactly goes on behind the scene?



This process is akin to the spider hunting its prey. The only difference is that, in this case the spider- a computer programme has to do the lion’s share of the work by flitting from one website to another. For this, the information required has to be fed into the search engine after which it starts crawling across the numerous websites to arrive at the most relevant ones.


While crawling across the pages, the spider copies the unique codes belonging to each of the websites and creates an index. Therefore, a library of the website codes is developed which makes the search easier for the spider in the subsequent searches. Each time a new website is reached, the code is recorded. Also, if new pages are added to the existing websites, the spider makes an entry of those codes as well in its database. As new information is being added every single moment, the spider keeps crawling and indexing information non-stop, at all times.

From Their Database, To Your Desktop


The search engines then make use of algorithms- a set of pre-set conditions which must be met in order for a specific data to be picked up and displayed to the user when a search has been initiated. The algorithm helps the search engine to come up with the data which is presented in order of relevance.

Where Does SEO Fit In?

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy, which helps search engines to identify the most appropriate websites and helps by bringing them in front when a search is started. By making sure the website’s code is readable, easy to navigate and functional for the spiders, SEO‘s can maximize the amount of indexed pages. But this is not enough. Just because your website is indexed doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be shown in the search results at a higher level of relevance. SEO’s are a big help here as well. SEO companies do a number of things to show a site’s relevancy and convince the search engines that site should rank on the first page. This makes it much easier for search engines to realize what the website’s pages are about so they can place the results in front of related queries.

That is the magic behind your instant searches!