Reputation Management and Its Importance

With millions of Internet users each day and the vast availability of review sites, your business can be subject to reviews – both favorable and unfavorable. The bad news is that there is no way for you to control who posts what. It is not uncommon for other businesses – especially local, competing businesses – to post negative comments to lure more customers their way. The good news is that there is help available that can restore your business rating by pushing the negative reviews down to the bottom of search engines while promoting positive reviews.

What is Reputation Management?

When you sign up for reputation management services, you are essentially signing up for a review of your business’ reputation. In short your reputation is monitored and positive reviews are promoted over negative reviews to give your company the best chance at landing clients. Your reputation is reviewed over several different platforms including blogs, review sites such as Yelp!, and social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. With so much competition, first impressions are crucial and that is why many companies choose reputation management services to bolster their ratings.

How does Reputation Management Help Me?

Reputation management services help to improve your overall appearance to clients in three different ways:

  • Building – If you are a new business, chances are you have no existing reputation and are looking to create a positive one. Reputation management for new companies involves creating an excellent reputation that will help you land clients.
  • Maintaining – If you already have a solid reputation, it is important to maintain it. Reputation management can help ensure that your already positive reputation remains that way.
  • Recovering – Unfortunately, some businesses find themselves suffering from a negative reputation, most of them due to unwarranted negative reviews. Recovering your reputation can help push negative reviews down in search engine results while boosting the positive reviews to the top.

Costs of a Poor Reputation

It is not uncommon for people to do their research prior to hiring a company or visiting an establishment. If you have negative reviews – whether they are valid or not – they affect how many clients or customers you will have in the future. This can vastly affect your business operations and in worst case scenarios, cause your business to close its doors permanently. Companies like Integrated Marketing Solutions can help boost your reputation and bring it back to good standing, affording you the luxury of landing more clients and thus, more revenue. If you find that your reputation is suffering, our reputation monitoring services are just what you need.

Regardless of what stage your business is in, it can benefit from our reputation monitoring tools at every level.

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