5 Mistakes Small Business Make with SEO

If your business is not involved in search engine optimization, then you could have troubled times ahead. Having a strong SEO could help to increase the dividends of your company immensely. Here is a list of the 5 common mistakes which might be responsible for the low revenue of your company.

  1. Aggressive link building– The motto of the present day is quality over quantity. Therefore, having a single link which does the job right is much more beneficial than 10 which can be categorized as spam by the various search engines in no time at all. To improve your SEO forget about aggression think about quality control.
  2. Ignoring local search– If your business caters to a specific clientele from a limited geographical region, then it is a wise idea to cater to their needs first and foremost. Use key words which have acceptance at the local level than keywords which may be high sounding but not related to your area of business.
  3. Outsourcing SEO to your Web designer- a web designer whom you have hired is trained to do one and only one job to the best of his/ her abilities- to design a web page for your business. Delegating work related to Search Engine Optimization to the inexperienced in the business can spell a disaster for your company. Be wary in your judgment.
  4. Removing old information indiscriminately– often, while redesigning the web page, older contents which are liked to keywords are deleted by default. This can spell a disaster for your business if the keywords are not replaced adequately thereby causing problems for SEO. So, optimum amount of care should be taken while giving your web page that brand new look.
  5. Content effectiveness– Your SEO can give you back the most for your investment when the content you provide with it is accurate and trustworthy. Also, an attractive content has greater chances of being shared on the web than a sloppy piece of writing. Therefore, to make you search engine optimization work for you, have the best possible content for your business.

Avoiding these rookie mistakes can help to take your business to great heights by making it more accessible through the use of Search Engine Optimization which is the watchword for all businesses – big or small to cut a good bargain today.

How do I rank on Google? Integrated Marketing Solutions

It’s clear now that a top ranking on Google would mean more profits for your internet marketing business. However, many businesses are still struggling to get to this top ranking and consequently to generate high profits on the web. Well, ranking on Google is never easy because there are no clear rules showing how to get there within the blink of an eye. Experts have come up with some factors that may affect your ranking on Google.

First on the list is the content on your site. Do not expect a top ranking on Google if you have low quality and duplicated content that is not keyword optimized. Keyword research is a very critical aspect of content writing. Without proper keyword research, the content on your site may not rank high because it does not contain the right keywords.

Secondly, high quality links will always get you a top ranking on Google. It is for a fact that this search engine is looking for sites that have the right reputation online in order to award that top ranking. If you link to other reputable sites on the web that have a high ranking, you will improve your ranking too. However, many people are concentrating on the volume of links which is why they end ranking low after linking to low quality sites.

You also need to invest in social media because it is a huge part of online marketing. People from all over the world are using social media pages to interact, share information and get fun ways to learn more about the businesses they love. In fact, if you are able to build a good following on social media platforms, you will see an improvement in organic traffic.

It’s also important to always know what your competitors are doing. If you are in online marketing business then get to know what other marketers are doing and why their pages are ranking top on Google. Do some thorough research on your competitors because you will always get something new that you have not been doing, which may end up impacting on your business positively.

Lastly, practice guest blogging so that you can get high quality links from credible sites within your niche. At the end of the day, you need a good network in order to boost your ranking. Concentrate on topics which are related to your niche area and you will receive organic traffic for your internet marketing business.

Social Media Management- An Edge to a Growing Future


Newspapers, billboards, radio, television, and now, the internet- throughout the years, advertising has evolved from a paper-based platform to a technological one. Nevertheless, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages in marketing a specific product or brand. In properly using of each platform, the brand can definitely acquire, grow, or retain its customer base.

As with the trend today, a very important platform in marketing and advertising is the use of social media. This is a low-cost style of marketing that uses the rapid pace of internet for word-of-mouth advertisements. Best used by small and middle sized businesses, the proper use of this platform can allow people to recognize the brand, to share the brand, and to keep using the brand.

Using sites like Facebook and Twitter, companies can create brand recognition by creating well-written posts that can capture the consumers’ attention. More than that, their consumers who saw this post can immediately share catchphrase or image to their friends, thus expanding the number of people who would recognize the brand. Aside from that, by properly using this platform, these companies can directly interact with consumers as they receive feedback from their consumers. Taking it one step further, they can also respond to the consumer to address their concerns and show gratitude for positive comments, and thus, retaining these consumers.

Adding to these benefits, this style comes with a low price of zero. All a company has to do is create an account by registering to a social media site. This low cost would allow these small and medium enterprises to focus more on using their budgets to execute their operational plan and create more value.

However, social media management is not an easy task. It is best to assign a dedicated personnel who specializes on managing different accounts; in which, he or she would act as the public relations officer to ensure that what is being portrayed about the product or brand is in line with what the company aims. Oftentimes, the fast pace of this mode of marketing requires dedicated people to troubleshoot and answer queries of the consumers within a limited amount of time; because just as it creates good word-of-mouth advertising, consumers can also post negative comments. More importantly, the alignment of whatever is being communicated online to the overall marketing strategy is maintained.

Nevertheless, the effort in properly managing a company’s strategy in social media is definitely worth it. By tapping into the vast potential of this aspect of maketing, being quickly recognized by the consumers at low costs certainly provides small and medium sized businesses an edge.

Who Can Help you with SEO?

To remain competitive in today’s interconnected world, an entrepreneur needs to adapt to new forms of marketing to cut cost and reach their target markets. Search engine optimization is a cost-effective way to reach your target market and expand into newer ones.

What is SEO?

SEO is an integrated marketing strategy that uses the Internet to increase your influence, expand your market, and cater to your customers needs. It helps boost your page rank in various search engines online. SEO helps you build a network online that directs to your company’s website. Search optimization utilizes various methods to help move your site up a search engine. SEO strategies include usage of social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, comment exchange, link exchange, forum posting, and other methods to help generate buzz around your website.

How can SEO help your company?

SEO can help your company in a multitude of ways. It can boost your site’s ranking so that you are the first website that appears on a search engine’s page. If your site is properly optimized, it will appear at the top of search engines once a Web user inputs the keywords of the product or service they are looking for.

With proper search optimization techniques, you can get direct connection with your target audience. You will be able to reply to their queries faster and easier through your social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter. The fast connection will help you understand what your customers need. You will also get insight as to how you can improve the services and products that you offer.

You social networking sites are also hubs of information you want to disseminate. You can post updates about your latest products, services, or news about your company. With search optimization your business will become more accessible to everyone around the world.

Who can help you with SEO?

There are dozens of search optimization companies out there, but you will need the expert help of professionals to help boost your page rank. You can find reliableSEO services by visiting www.integratedmarketingtx.com. By hiring professionals you will be able to create and implement search optimization strategies that are tailor-fit for your needs. With the help of professionals, you will be able to create a search optimization plan that can help your site reach your target market. Professionals will look into your business and find out which strategies work for you.

Content Management

Getting your message across is essential to running and maintaining a business. Your product or service will not gain customers if it is know established to its target market. In today’s social network driven world, it’s important to create and distribute content that will not just inform this market but also lead them to your business. A content management system helps with this pursuit.

In the simplest terms, a content management system handles the creation, management, and distribution of information based content all over the web. This term is popularly associated with SEO or search engine optimization. But beyond organizing all this information, content management is also about choosing the right information and its presentation. Apart from text, content management is also responsible for creating and distributing what you see in images, videos, and graphics based information. Content today should both captivate and keep your customer for the long run. Employing different media is one of the best steps to do so.

There are four types of content management systems. WordPress and Blogger are the easiest and initial options for anyone still learning the system. WordPress goes beyond publishing content via blog posts—different themes can package your content’s overall look and organize each post effectively using different plug ins. There are even plug ins that specialize in search engine optimization.

More advanced content management systems can be found in Drupal and Joomla. Joomla is the first choice for those who want to employ search engine optimization for their content. The Joomla platform uses a variety of plugins that let you finetune the CMS accordingly. Apart from more plugin options, Joomla’scontent management lets you increase the website’s rank in search engine results.

Drupal, on the other hand, is a content management system that relies mainly on the information it is fed. Content is categorized, tagged, and presented in specific ways so that your website and content ranks in search engine optimization numbers. More experienced SEO CMS users will want to utilize Drupal for popularizing certain websites.

With a proper content management system, you not only enjoy more exposure to your business or website but also a smooth flowing experience for visitors and potential customers. The systems available not only diversify options but also help you learn new ways to present and represent the content you hope to publish. With enough search engine optimization techniques and plugins, your website will be well on its way to higher search rankings