If your business is not involved in search engine optimization, then you could have troubled times ahead. Having a strong SEO could help to increase the dividends of your company immensely. Here is a list of the 5 common mistakes which might be responsible for the low revenue of your company.

  1. Aggressive link building– The motto of the present day is quality over quantity. Therefore, having a single link which does the job right is much more beneficial than 10 which can be categorized as spam by the various search engines in no time at all. To improve your SEO forget about aggression think about quality control.
  2. Ignoring local search– If your business caters to a specific clientele from a limited geographical region, then it is a wise idea to cater to their needs first and foremost. Use key words which have acceptance at the local level than keywords which may be high sounding but not related to your area of business.
  3. Outsourcing SEO to your Web designer- a web designer whom you have hired is trained to do one and only one job to the best of his/ her abilities- to design a web page for your business. Delegating work related to Search Engine Optimization to the inexperienced in the business can spell a disaster for your company. Be wary in your judgment.
  4. Removing old information indiscriminately– often, while redesigning the web page, older contents which are liked to keywords are deleted by default. This can spell a disaster for your business if the keywords are not replaced adequately thereby causing problems for SEO. So, optimum amount of care should be taken while giving your web page that brand new look.
  5. Content effectiveness– Your SEO can give you back the most for your investment when the content you provide with it is accurate and trustworthy. Also, an attractive content has greater chances of being shared on the web than a sloppy piece of writing. Therefore, to make you search engine optimization work for you, have the best possible content for your business.

Avoiding these rookie mistakes can help to take your business to great heights by making it more accessible through the use of Search Engine Optimization which is the watchword for all businesses – big or small to cut a good bargain today.